The Starlet Room presents

Blues & Bourbon: Ryder Green and Friends

All Ages
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Wednesday, October 18
Doors: 5:30pm // Show: 6:30pm
$14 General Admission – $12 SBS Members
This Event is All Ages
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Ryder green

From blistering renditions of blues-infused rock and funk to sublime vintage blues, R&B, slide, rock ‘n roll, and everything in between, Ryder Green brings a dynamic mix of firepower and grit, effortlessly intertwined with melodic engaging songs, and straight-from-the-soul improvisation. His distinctive tone, infectious original songs and vocals, and attention-grabbing covers ignite crowds of all ages.

While originally known as a guitar virtuoso—someone who threw his heart into amazingly soulful instrumentals, he’s now bringing his rapidly growing fan base a powerful fusion of riveting songstyles — melodies, rhythms and lyrics you just can’t get out of your head, and don’t want to. Combined with an ever-growing depth and mastery on all levels, he can wow the audience in a uniquely uplifting way. A prolific songwriter, Green writes and sings about themes that often strike a universal chord in the message while spiking the music with riffs, phrasing, and changeups you won’t hear anywhere else. Sometimes hard-driving and powerful, sometimes eloquently edgy — but always engaging and entertaining.

In November of 2016 (at age 18), Ryder Green & his band won the Golden Gate Blues Society’s blues challenge. They then went on to represent them in Memphis in February 2017 at the International Blues Challenge (IBC). Just before heading to Memphis with his band, Green released Won’t Take It From You, an EP of 5 original songs. He wrote, arranged, and sang all 5 songs, in addition to playing lead and rhythm guitar.  Green wrote, sang, and did all the guitar work on.

Green and his band have played shows all over California, including their biggest one at Warner Center Park for the 4th of July in 2019. They had a blast playing to over 57,000 people!

One of many high points in Green’s performance career was when he was invited to play onstage with blues/rock giant WalterTrout. That just happened to be on his 20th birthday.

While, due to the lockdowns in recent years, there was a big pause in performing, he put the downtime to good use and started learning the art of recording. He simultaneously kept honing his songwriting skills with the goal of bringing ever more engaging songs into his repertoire. While his sound is not always easily pegged into any one particular genre, he will still take it back to his early mastery of the blues. 

One of his recorded originals, “Melt Away My Blues,” features a one-take visceral, deep-dive solo into a classic blues vibe. Here’s a live version prior to the recording— “Melt Away My Blues.” He was about 17 at the time.

If you want to get revved up on a more rockin’ vibe, his 2022 release of “Like That” fits the bill. Throughout the song, insightful lyrics tackling the hate and violence in the world, interwoven with tight instrumental prowess give no chance for relaxation. But hey, when you’re rolling down the highway, maybe not quite doing 55, got the windows down and you want to let loose. When you prefer your energy drink absorbed through the airwaves, the solo will absolutely hit the spot. 

Released early in 2023 was another original, “What’s It Gonna Be.” Ever wish someone would just knock off the crap, and give it to you straight? What’s It Gonna Be (music video) is the song you need to vent. “Now some days I wonder…how we ain’t through….” So says the opening line to “What’s it Gonna Be.” Live shows regularly feature tasty covers that the fans love!

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