Harlow’s presents

Atta Boy

All Ages
Wednesday, August 14
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
This Event is All Ages 

Resurfacing like cicadas, L.A.-born Atta Boy has never been in a hurry. Instead, responding to some strange seasonal instinct when it comes to recording, their unique, beguiling, comforting, and yet aching blend of pop-Americana seems to arrive in waves, well-formed, fully-gestated, yet hungry and soul-searching. Mixing indie influences with coffee-shop confessionalism, the quartet first found eachother in the hazy days of high school. Navigating the high-strung emotional peaks and valleys of American adolescence, this close-knit crew shaped those experiences into a considerably mature debut, 2012’s Out of Sorts, to be released before they were old enough to order a drink. 

Finding themselves between the nostalgic interplay of roadhouse piano and barroom balladeering, Atta Boy still comes off mostly upbeat and endearing. Their inventive song structures and swelling melodies reveal a bolstered confidence that, coupled with toe-tapping tempos, charmingly carry listeners through thoughtful meditations that just can’t help but reveal a hallowed hollow for that which is lost, and that which is yet to be found.

It’s in this spirit of entropy and negentropy that Atta Boy have once again found themselves coalescing around a shared, collective pang that drives their collaboration and their joyful celebration of all things living, dying, dissolving, and reforming– like a perennial posy pushing through the underbrush to bloom under the first shouts of springtime sunshine, beautiful and golden. Again. And again.

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