Life in 24 Frames (LP Release)

Harlow's and Abstract Entertainment Present

Life in 24 Frames (LP Release)

Eyes on the Shore

Sat, April 22, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub

Sacramento, CA

$10.00 - $12.00

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Life in 24 Frames
Life in 24 Frames
Film is an illusion; a string of still images presented just fast enough to confuse your eyes into believing what you are seeing is “real". The music of Life In 24 Frames is about capturing the individual moments (frames) that create our human experience (film).
Singer Kris Adams architects a deep and thoughtful vocal arrangement on top of beautifully crafted, hooky yet complex, musical arrangements. The band is mature, and their sound is as diverse as the audiences who have already embraced the group as an independent artist.
In 2015 the band completed their third full length LP at the Panoramic House in Stinson Beach, CA. The new album, which has some of the most personal and emotional content recorded to date, was heavily influenced by the experience of the Stinson Sessions. As a concept album, each track represents a “month” of a calendar year, describing the death of a past life and the birth of a new one. Each track was designed to represent a scene in a film, a chapter in a book or a month in a life.
The group formed in Sacramento, California with one mission - to share the honesty and purity of their musical creations with as many people as possible. Since their inception, the band has fulfilled on their initial mission while opening for acts like Royal Blood, Band of Horses, Dredg, Cage the Elephant, and as artists on Sacramento's 2013 Launch Festival bill with Imagine Dragons and Minus the Bear. With a new record completed, Life In 24 Frames is poised to take the next step in their journey.
Like a film, Life In 24 Frames offers a way for listeners to divert from their reality… the opportunity to paint your picture on top of a musical background; personal brushstrokes on a shared canvas. Life In 24 Frames gives you the chance to write your own story while sharing in theirs. The records are meant to be experienced as albums and the songs have meaningful depth that reveal new life upon each listen.
If DOOMBIRD is the last word you hear before you go under . . . under the spell of electronica-induced hyper-stimulation that will scatter your heartbeats across a spectrum of clicks and pops and palpitations scheduled for some time a decade from now . . . then consider yourself guided by the luck of a moment that informs spirit and mind. This is music that will take over your biorhythms and direc
t your attention hither and yon. Some wave of exuberance will overcome you and force you to float over the 18th, 19th, 20th centuries to come to rest somewhere you have only begun to meekly investigate. A feeling you never knew you had will hijack you there.

In CYGNUS, DOOMBIRD plies their syncs and runs in service to the lives of a myriad of classical composers: their exile, their political engagement in foreign lands, their misbegotten passions that drive them to the brink and drive them to complete themselves, their curious habits of mind that structure their creative impulses. In these songs I have heard Beethoven on his spazierung composing his only song cycle. I have heard the juxtaposition of Mozart's up-tempo confession to Costanza and his God with the love call of Pac-Man for his beloved. I have heard Messiaen calculating the best angle by which to triangulate posterity. I have heard Cage's emptiness cut by surging machine language. When you listen, you will understand what is only beginning to percolate among your cells and their unseen mechanisms. Your intuition will urge you to believe that Doom Bird is that rare band, a band that dares to look to the past in order to cast the future.
Eyes on the Shore
There is music you love, and then there is music that becomes a part of you – their story, words and melodies are yours and become intertwined with your being. San Francisco-based band, Eyes on the Shore, takes listeners on their journey through wondrous soundscapes, explosive crescendos and heartbreaking vocals.

Featuring bombastic drum and bass, washed-out surf rhythms, and Beatles-style harmonies, Eyes on the Shore delivers hard rock with delicate, reassuring hands. Lead bass riffs take on a heavy, low-end grit, while ethereal guitar melodies stand as the voice of the band; raw, bottomless vocals croon simple but intricate verses while Latin rhythms and salsa beats seamlessly slip their way into rock songs.
Venue Information:
Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub
2708 "J" Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816