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Rutabaga Boogie Band

Harlow's and Swell Productions Present

Rutabaga Boogie Band

Fri, April 14, 2017

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub

Sacramento, CA

$20 Pre Sale $25 Day of Show

This event is all ages

This is not a fully seated show. Limited seating is available with dinner reservatons and/or VIP booth reservations. For availability, pricing and other information please call Harlow's at 916.441.4693


Rutabaga Boogie Band
Rutabaga Boogie Band
Legendary Disbanded Sacramento Rock Band Re-Bands by De-Mand.

“We’re putting the band back together!”
--“Joliet” Jake Blues

"They don’t give a damn about any trumpet-playing band
It ain’t what they call rock and roll."
--Dire Straits

From the fog of hibernation, by popular demand, one of Sacramento's legendary good time rock bands, The Rutabaga Boogie Band, has awakened from their self-imposed slumber.

Swell Productions have petitioned the favorite sons of Sacramento rock ’n roll for a command performance on Friday, August 14th at 7pm.

--Were the kings of the local rock club scene in the 70s and 80s and play everybody’s favorite classic rock tunes and everyone had more fun than laughing (as every band member has great comedic skills)
--Had a #12 local hit on the Sacramento charts in the late 70s
--They were named "Best Good Time Party Band" by Sacramento Magazine in 2002
--As one of the acts at a rock festival in Canada, they played for over 25,000 people
—They are all 60 somethings, but they rock like……40 somethings! Seriously, they kick righteous rockass! (Webster’s)
—They have a loyal following of rabid, but friendly fans. (They’ve all had their shots)

Bill Horton-Guitar
Larry Gosch-Guitar
Craig Mozley-Bass
Dave Phelps-Guitar
Bob Hudson-Drummer
Russ Martinez-Drummer

Writer Jackson Griffith wrote about them for the Sacramento News & Review awhile back:

"Long before Mouseketeer-pop mannequins dry-humped plastic-surgery-enhanced dance-music divas on Super Bowl Sunday halftime shows, there was this thing called live rock ’n’ roll. Just like today, people would blow off steam at bars, but oftentimes it would be to the tune of what was known as a “bar band,” rather than the pre-recorded soundtrack provided by a DJ booth or jukebox.
Cities around the country had their great bar bands, too—groups that would play live, mostly around town, for well more than half the nights on a calendar. These bands could master almost any cover tune and could play for hours on end....the undisputed champs of the local bar scene, starting in the 1970s, were the Rutabaga Boogie Band. This writer can recall—albeit barely, through a brew-generated haze—more than a few evenings spent in local dives (Shire Road Pub, Slick Willie’s, the Oasis Ballroom, etc.) listening to these guys rock the house

As Larry Gosch, one of Rutabaga’s guitarists, recalled, “Way back when, we used to play five and six nights a week, every week, 250 nights a year. Now,” he added, laughing, “we play twice. It’s very strange.” Though Rutabaga is nowhere near as ubiquitous a presence as it once was, its members still get together occasionally to play.

Gosch described his band’s style as frat rock, or jock rock, and said its repertoire consisted mostly of covers—Little Feat, the Who, the Beatles, Mitch Ryder. “Pretty much salt-of-the-earth rock ’n’ roll. We couldn’t write a good song,” he confessed, “but we could play well, and we could write good arrangements.”

Join us all in a swell rock and roll night!
Venue Information:
Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub
2708 "J" Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816