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Tribe of the Red Horse

American Cancer Society & ESBB Present

Tribe of the Red Horse

Sun, May 5, 2019

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 1:30 pm

Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub

Sacramento, CA

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Tribe of the Red Horse
Tribe of the Red Horse
Celebrate the music of Neil Young and Crazy Horse with Tribe of the Red Horse
Tribe of The Red Horse delivers the guitar tone, harmonies and raw energy that Neil Young and Crazy Horse are known and loved for. Or, as the band’s singer/guitarist, Wayne Whitzell puts it, “We don’t play dress-up. We play rock ’n’ roll.”

Since forming in the summer of 2011, Tribe of the Red Horse has performed throughout Northern California at well-known venues such as the Sacramento Music Festival, Miner’s Foundry, Sutter Creek Theater, Marilyn’s on K in Sacramento, Powerhouse and Creekside Fridays in Mill Valley, all the while steadily growing a fan base that Whitzell says appeals to both boomers and 20-somethings who have also discovered Neil Young’s music.

“It is amazing to look out from the stage and see such a diverse group of people all grooving on the same vibe,” he says. “It is a true testament to the power and importance of Neil’s music.”
Our set lists reach deep into the archives with a blend of feel-good songs and Young’s more political songs. “We consciously chose the ‘Live Rust’ album as the epicenter of the show because it is a seminal moment for Neil and then we radiate backward and forward from there,” Whitzell explains. ”We want to take a snap shot in time of different eras and reproduce them with emotional accuracy.” Throughout the performance, the band also plays notable audio clips from Woodstock and Martin Luther King to segue way between songs. We bring a blazing full throttle show of Crazy Horse material,” Whitzell laughs, “We have to shake the building’s foundation a little or it wouldn’t be Crazy Horse.”

When asked about the proliferation of “tribute” bands today, Whitzell replies, “I think if you take it at face value it can be a fun experience for the performers and the audience. I am happy if anyone is sharing Neil’s music with others, but I think with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, the music absolutely must come first. There are a lot of Neil Young tribute bands that have a guy dressed up like Neil with a wig on or sideburns, ripped jeans and a warbley voice who looks the part, but when it comes time for the music and the tone and the solos, it just falls off a cliff. To me, that misses the whole point of Neil’s Crazy Horse collaboration. There are other Neil Young tribute bands, but the major difference between them and us that I have observed is the guitar tone. I’ve personally spent a lot of time to replicate that sound, and with the help of my guitar tech Don Lopez at Uptown Music in Millbrae, who has customized my guitars, I can come very close.”

This is a rare and special show featuring a SOLO ACOUSTIC first set and a FULL BAND ELECTRIC second set. The Tribe doesn't do these combo shows that often, so don't miss out!
Venue Information:
Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub
2708 "J" Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816