SN&R – Listening to the Stillness

Jessica Malone is celebrating her upcoming EP at Harlow’s on Oct. 15.

By Aaron Carnes, Sacramento News & Review

Jessica Malone was go-go-go during the recording of her second album, Miles Left To Walk. She recorded every Monday and Tuesday last fall, and during the rest of the week, she would gig and take care of every other task.

She finally finished her album. On the Monday after, she found something she hadn’t experienced in a while: free time.

“I just sat down, and I wasn’t thinking about songs I’d written,” Malone says. “I had this moment where I could think about something else.”

That night she wrote the song “The Waiting Hours,” or rather, as she puts it, the song wrote itself. It focuses on the beauty of the little stolen moments in between all of our obligations when we finally get to do nothing.

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When: 6 p.m., Sunday, October 15

Where: Harlow’s, 2708 J Street

Cost: $10 Advance – $12 Day of Show