Flobots release ‘Akira’-inspired video, announce Rise + Shine Tour

The Colorado-based alternative hip-hop group Flobots bring their powerful message to Harlow’s Dec. 7. Photo by Jake Holschuh.

Flobots are known for making statements. The group creates some of the most opinionated and forceful hip hop around. Luckily, they keep it up with the new video for the track “Quarantine” from the album NOENEMIES. 

The video, comprised of clips from genre-defining anime Akira, was made by emcee and founding member Brer Rabbit. He says “(Akira) painted a vision of the future in dark strokes, the constant clash for power, the eradication of information to control the narrative, how our monsters and heroes are homemade, and ultimately that children will be the ones who will have to pay the price.” Noticing the parallels in themes of the movie and the track, Brer Rabbit knew that the popular anime would be a visually-perfect fit.

Check out the video below and don’t miss Flobots when they stop at Harlow’s on Dec. 7 for their Rise + Shine Tour. Info and tickets for the show can be found here.