Tennyson create minimalist dance party with video for ‘Cry Bird’

The Canadian duo Tennyson will be taking the Harlow’s stage on Sept. 22.

We could say that the electronic, pop, R&B duo known as Tennyson are back with the release of their new single “Cry Bird,” but that implies they ever left. The latest song, which plays out like a minimalist dance track that aims to bring good vibes to the world over, is the first release from the group’s upcoming EP Uh Oh! but far from its first release of the year. Earlier in 2017, the two released a string of collaborative EP with Mr. Carmack called Tuesday Wednesday Thursday that is required listening for anyone that’s a fan of introspective electronic from the Great White North that has some heavy James Blake vibes.

Tennyson has also gifted us with a video for “Cry Bird” because they want to give us constant gifts. The video is animation of the two dancing along to the track and was made with the help of 62 fans. It’s wholeheartedly charming and is a rather perfect fit to the song. Check it out below.

This isn’t the band’s first foray into imaginative music videos. The video for the track “Like What” is what came about from an idea the group had to ask a blind girl, Nikita, to describe what she imagined as she listened to the song. It’s filled with floating bubbles, large stages and the masts of ships. You can watch that video below as well.

The duo will be making a stop at Harlow’s for an all ages show on Sept. 22 with support from Photay. Find information and tickets for the show here.