PUP creates choose your own adventure game with ‘Old Wounds’ video

See y’all in the PUP pit on Sept. 17.
Photo by Vanessa Heins

Leave it up to PUP to make a music video that you can play. Today, the Canadian punks released a video for their track “Old Wounds” that lets you decide where the story goes. The video starts with the four finishing up the show and asking you, their new tour manager, to hang out with them after the show and it’s your job to get them back to the hotel safely. They all want to do different things, of course, and that’s where your adventure begins. Want to watch the Raptors game? Head to the bar with guitarist Steve. Want to do actual work and help load the van? Then drummer Zack is your choice. It’s all up to you. Choose wisely because “the future of the band is in your hands!!!”

PUP is coming to Sacramento for the first time and will be at Harlow’s on Sept. 17. Local riot grrrl heroines Destroy Boys is opening up the show as well. Get your tickets here.