Tera Melos’ new video is full of green screen antics, hidden messages and weird face stuff

Tera Melos tear through Harlow’s with Speedy Ortiz on October 14.

Sacramento has always had musicians that strive to experiment in its scene. It’s not like we’re the home of everyone’s favorite dark, industrial hip hop group Death Grips or anything. Well, in a similar vane aesthetically would be Tera Melos. The Sacramento experimental math rockers have always been ones to put the emphasis on the “math” in their music — constant rhythm changes, intricate and technical guitar loops. It makes for a sound some fans have actually described as “whacky” and “dank.” In case you’re out of the loop, this all means these guys are incredibly good.

Tera Melos released a new video for their track “Trash Generator” just a few days ago and it matches their music to a tee. Things get delightfully weird really quick. The band is superimposed on top of scenes of people in creepily, realistic masks going through their morning routines. Then a pug comes in, various objects start coming out of the mouths and eyes of these people and an what is meant to be an old man rocks out while dousing himself with a garden hose. Check it out below, and look for the binary code near the end of the video while you’re at it. It’ll lead you on a bit of a hunt.

Don’t miss these guys when they play Harlow’s with the equally great Speedy Ortiz.

When: 7:00 p.m., Saturday October 14

Where: Harlow’s Restaurant & Night Club
2708 J Street, Sacramento

Cost: $15

Information: Harlows.com