From Utah to Los Angeles: Sego are More than a Pair of “Wicket Youth”

“Lost baggage of a wicked youth, I need some money to tell the truth.” The line that opens up Sego’s “Wicked Youth” is all too common for up-and-coming musicians. They use their art to accomplish two goals — to make sense of their past and to make enough to survive. It’s a struggle at times, but is incredibly rewarding when those goals become more attainable. Thanks to plenty of hard work, Sego is on track to accomplish them both.

The indie pop duo migrated from Provo, Utah to Los Angeles, Calif. a few years back to focus on their music, which takes note from both vastly different cities for inspiration.

“Utah gave us morals and drive. L.A. forced us to solidify those morals and drive harder,” said the band. “[We’re] small potatoes in a big stew.”

Spencer Peterson, who recently got married, and Thomas Carroll came up with the name Sego directly from their Utah background. According to the duo, there was a short-lived music festival in Provo called the Sego Music and Arts Festival that “left a lasting impression” on the city’s music scene.

“Sego seemed perfect due to the fact that it represented where we came from and where we wanted to go,” said the band.

The two don’t just create a hypnotic mix of dance-able guitar riffs and boisterous synths in the studio. They bring all of it and more to the stage.

“We try to make it as live as possible,” said the band. “We utilize various mediums outside of music to make the performance as interactive as engaging as possible.”

A Sego show is expected to have newspapers, extra lights and the intriguing and possibly morbid “human curtains.”

They may come off as another pair of indie slackers making indie pop, as seen with the impeccably perfect album title Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, but the Utah natives work hard for their passion. They moved their entire lives to what is essentially another world to create and love what they do. Sego is making moves and won’t be stopping for anyone.

Catch Sego supporting Rubblebucket on their If U C My Enemies tour this spring, which makes a stop at Harlow’s this May.

When: 8 p.m., Tuesday May 16

Where: Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub
2708 J Street, Sacramento

Cost: $15 – $17