Submerge – Pressing Onward, Bouncing Back • Big Freedia Poised to Attack with Renewed TV Show, Cookbook and National Tour

Big Freedia bounces onto the Harlow's stage on April 26.

Big Freedia bounces onto the Harlow’s stage on April 26.

By Andrew Russell, Submerge

Yas gawd, from St. Claude to the Third Ward. The purveyor of pussy-pop, booty-whop and twerking so dangerous, they’ve been known to call the cops (more on this later). A multifaceted performer imbued with the indomitable spirit of her birthplace and artistic stomping grounds in New Orleans, the artist born Freddie Ross has also shared with that city her fair share of tragedy and setbacks, only to re-emerge from the waters of despair once again as undisputed queen of her domain (and in this case the preferred pronoun is “she,” but she doesn’t put too fine a point on it. She lets people please themselves).

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When: 8 p.m., Wednesday, April 26

Where: Harlow’s, 2708 J Street

Cost: $20 – $25