Local Band Celebrates Release of First Studio EP with Sold Out Show

Sacramento indie rock band Epsilona celebrated the release of its first studio EP, playing a sold out show at Harlow’s Restaurant and Nightclub on J Street in Midtown.

“Now we’re here — we have the EP out on Spotify and iTunes, so we’re really excited about it,” said Minh Le, who is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Epsilona.

“(And there’s) a lot of blogs trying to promote our music,” Carlos Gutierrez, the band’s drummer, added.

Guitierrez and Le both grew up in Sacramento.

“I have a good amount of family, a lot of friends (who came to Saturday’s show),” Guitierrez said.

While guitarist Chandler Hale and bassist Cory Phillips came later, they all agree the music scene in the City of Trees has helped spread their sound.

“The music scene is not as big, but I think I like how small it is, personally. Like, I know that might sound selfish or whatever, but I like that we know everyone,” Phillips told FOX40.

The band only formed two years ago, but its popularity has spread through word of mouth.

Many who came to Saturday’s show said they heard about it through friends or social media.

Some fans told FOX40 they’re hungry for more local bands. Two other bands with Sacramento ties opened for Epsilona at Harlow’s on Saturday, Trophii and Babe.

“It’s pretty incredible just to see the music scene really coming alive in Sacramento finally,” said Victoria Shtebnin.

But Epsilona’s members said reaching this musical milestone wasn’t always easy.

“For like a year and a half, we were just playing shows with no one knowing who we were — even after the fact that we played,” said Le.

“But we kinda got started in the open mic scene out here and going to Old Eye and Torch Club,” said Hale.

But with an EP out, Epsilona believes the sky is the limit. Some of their fans believe in that as well, with hopes of saying they heard the music before Epsilona went big.

“It’s so super hipster thing to say ‘I heard them first,'” Brianna Donley said, “but it really is kind of cool to see them start off small and get bigger gradually as more and more people hear about them.”

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